July 27, 2015

Video Marketing

At Chance Ad we are the leaders in video marketing for Florida Businesses. Video marketing has become one of the most important components in brand development and the acquisition of new customers on the internet today. And videos have much more impact than text or images.

Video Marketing allows your business to be seen across a wide range of platforms to include Youtube, Vimeo, Yahoo, Bing, and Google. In addition videos can be embedded directly onto your business website for maximum impact to drive customers. Chance Ad has the know how and expertise to create top level marketing videos for your business.

There are many types of videos that can created for marketing –

Demo Videos

A demo video allows us to showcase how a particular product or service works. With a demo video we can actually take the customer on a tour or test drive of the product or service your company provides.

Brand Videos

Brand videos can be developed to coincide with a larger advertising campaign. They typically cover a company mission or goal and help to build awareness about your corporate brand.

Event Video

Event videos build awareness about a special event or recognition of an achievement for your company and brand. These videos help drive potential prospects to your event and convert them to customers.

Educational Videos

Also known as how to videos, educational videos help educate a potential client about a product or service provided by your company.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video helps show a potential customer why they need your company’s products and services. Many times and explainer video will show a potential customer overcoming a challenge by purchasing the product or services your company provides.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a terrific sales tool by showing customers that have purchased your company products or services and are happy with the purchase. It gives potential prospects a level of confidence to see other examples of happy customers.

Interview Videos

Another great video marketing tool, interview videos actually interview a manager or technician who gives firsthand reference to the particular product or service.

Chance Ad studios utilizes the latest technology in video, voiceover, and music production. We run all video formats and compression ratios to optimize your video to stream fast online every time. We use Mojave Audio and Avalon Tube Amps for voiceover. We’re certified in Avid Protools and Final Cut X. All our graphics are original creation. All of our background and feature music is all original. No canned music ever. We also tag and optimize your video for search engines to maximize traffic and customers for you.

Chance Ad is the leader in video marketing for all Florida businesses. We work within your budget and exceed your goals each and every time. Call Chance Ad now at 407-703-3938