July 25, 2015


At Chance Ad our Search Engine Optimization team starts with a frame off analysis of your existing website.  We dig deep and look at everything that’s on your existing website.  We look at Chance Ad can restructure and optimize an existing web site so that it is significantly more “searchable” and “readable” by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Search Engine Optimization breaks down into two main areas; On Page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization.  On page SEO refers to the Search Engine Optimization of factors, text, images, and link that reside “On Page” or on the actual website.  Off Page SEO refers to text, images, and links that are located anywhere else on the internet that “point” or “fire” back to the original website.

Chance Ad takes the nonsense out of SEO. We stay in tune and up to date on all of the in depth HTML5 and WordPress guidelines and rules as well the Google updates and revisions. By doing this we are able to make strong SEO structural decisions that produce consistent search results for our Clients.  A website optimized by Chance Ad will return higher in the search results every time.

Many times it makes more sense to build new websites.  In that case, the structure and layout of the website is built with maximum search optimization tactics in place.  In essence Chance Ad builds websites that are optimized for higher search results – right out of the box.

Chance Ad specializes in Orlando SEO as well as SEO Florida.  Want to find out more – call Chance Ad today at 407-703-3898 to schedule a complete review of your websites SEO health, TODAY!

What Is SEO Really?

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