July 27, 2015

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is the other half of the search engine optimization equation. It can literally make or break a website with respect to top rankings. Off Page SEO is the term we use for information and links that are located off or away from your website that point back to the site. Google, Yahoo, & Bing see this “information” considered this “votes” as to the validity and authority of the website they are pointing at. More votes = higher return and ranking.

The following methods are just some of the ways Chance Ad performs Off Page SEO that achieves maximum results.

Submit Website to Major Search Engines

Chance Ad handles submitting your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines for inclusion in their search results.


We keep the most up to date data and information relating to the correct and appropriate Directories for your business to be listed on. These are selected carefully to insure that your directory listings are located in the “best internet neighborhoods”.

Forum Posts

Chance Ad identifies approriate Forums related to your business that are terrific locations to get backlinks.

Blog Posts

Chance Ad identifies approriate Blogs related to your business that are terrific locations to get backlinks. Many times we can actually create a blog for you.

Social Media

While many of the social media sites are “no follow” links, search engines may indeed give weight to social media links. And the crawlers still recognize a link, even if it is “no follow”. A presense on the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is tremendous source for generating backlinks and “votes” to your site.

Image Hosting

Infographics and images related to products being sold on your site are terrific ways to generate backlinks. Chance Ad uses FLickr, Pinterest and other sites for this to help generate and establish a sites authority on the internet.


Chance Ad offers a full production video studio to create original videos for your website. These videos can be placed on numerous video sites such as Vimeo, You Tube and others as a product placement and to acheive backlinks.

Other Locations

We also source and locate other high traffic locations for Off Page SEO such as Craigs List, Thumbtack, and many others for obtaining traffic for and to, your website.