September 2, 2015

Basic SEO

The basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimization center around these six main areas –

Website Structure

At Chance Ad we feel strongly that clean, concise, easy to navigate website layout trumps flashy & silly – every time. It’s been said many times, “Google likes black text on white background.” Now that is an old saying, however – the spirit of it still rings true. We build websites that are not only easy for the user, but we also build websites that are easy for the internet crawlers. That’s the serch engine bots that get sent out by Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl your website and return what it is.  Strong Search Engine Optimization starts with good website structure.

Website Weight

Weight means real eastate, and by that we mean “internet real eastate”. It is impossible to rank well in the search results if your website is only 3 or 4 pages. Look at your competition and you can see how much internet real eastate they have. Internet Real Estate is “weight” and weight is one of the evaluating factors used by all the major search engines.  Website weight plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization.

Correct Keywords

There has been a lot written about keywords and keyword selection over the years. We’ve actually figured the best formula for selecting keywords. It’s “what your business is about” x “what people are actually searching for” x “that searches relation to what your business is about”. Period. It’s that simple, and sometimes very difficult. But Chance Ad has been selecting accurate keywords for many years. Our insight can prove invaluable if you are a new and upcoming business.  Solid keyword selection is the foundation of good Search Engine Optimization.

“Wordsmithed” Text

Wordsmithed Text means well written text copy placed into key locations throughout your site. At Chance Ad our copy writers have degrees from University of Central Florida and Stetson University respectively. So you are gauranteed that some intelligent thought goes into any copy work we do for a website.

Periodic Updates

This is another area that gets overlooked quite often. Google and the other search engines like and even favor websites that have a “latest news” or “what’s new” section included in the design. Chance Ad can set your site up to be updated weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whatever works best for you.

External Links

After website structure, no other single element can affect your website in a more positive manner than quality external backlinks. Consider a link to be a vote for the validity and accuracy of your website. Chance Ad designs and builds high quality back link structures that give you links, or votes from reputable websites. No link farms, no garbage links, just good well worded links pointing to your site is what Chance Ad provides.